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Fanmix: Step Into My Office, Baby (Iron Man)

Yet another exciting/embarrassing installment of Things Nina Does When She Should Be Doing Work Instead: HAVE A STARK/POTTS FANMIX! Featuring Belle & Sebastian, T. Rex, Röyksopp, Lady Gaga, and other artists you probably never ever expected to see together because my brain is wacko. And I mean that literally: I have been drinking a lot of Magic Hat Wacko beer lately. Hee.

Step Into My Office, Baby: a Stark/Potts fanmix

THIS IS NOT WHAT YOU WERE EXPECTING! Heh. I did it for roboticonograph (it was like a dare; I think she won)—and all of you who have been reading and commenting on my Iron Man fic, because I am totally having new fandom heartponies. (You heard me.) I swear there is fic in the works; it's just, um, taking forever to get finished. So anyway. Please let me know what you think, and enjoy! ♥

67 MB .zip file at Sendspace

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