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Masterlist 2010

Finally complete, I think. Chronological order within fandom; fandoms in alphabetical order. Don't forget to check out past masterlists! Thanks to my watchers for putting up with me posting these, and thanks always for reading. Remember: Comments are love! ♥

Battlestar Galactica
Guardian Angel (Caprica/Annie Cartwright; PG-13; 202 words; crossover with Life on Mars for bsg_pornbattle)
When she smiles Annie sees strawberries and cream — or maybe blood.

Cycles (Victor/Sierra, Priya/Tony, etc.; PG-13; 691 words)
She looks into those warm-molasses eyes and can't figure out why she trusts him, and something is whispering inside of her that she needs to know.

Devil's Night at Archive of Our Own (Kat/Roxie/Darryl; R; 1253 words; written for Yuletide 2010)
A year ago this would have been any other Devil's Night in Eastwick, the air charged with destructive teenage energy and the insistent odor of burning leaves.

Iron Man
Anything and Everything (Tony/Pepper; PG-13; 275 words)
She was the final employee of the Coconut Gentleman's Club to be a notch in Tony's bedpost, but the first to put up a fight when Pepper met her in the morning.

Blind Dates (Tony/Pepper; PG-13; 1157 words)
As chance would have it, the next one is another cute reporter: she's all orange curls and sass and knocking back whiskey sours like it's a competition, so Tony competes.

Never Awaken a Sleeping Boss (Tony/Pepper; PG-13; 767 words)
He came up from the shop for dinner and Top Gear, like it was the humdrum Tuesday they'd never had, and fell asleep in her lap.

Not Yet Home (Tony/Pepper; R; 3443 words; written for hc_bingo)
Tony couldn't stand certain things, after Afghanistan: the odor of ripe figs; the crunch of sand; the way superbright rays of sun scrubbed his vision momentarily clear.

Legend of the Seeker
Afterburn (Cara/Kahlan; NC-17; 1090 words; written for deej as part of help_haiti)
She was never sure afterward how it started with Cara and her; she only knew that when it ended she was eager for the next time.

Like You (Parker/Hardison; R; 941 words; written for Porn Battle IX)
She undressed so quickly — so efficiently — that Alec sometimes wondered if she knew the difference, emotionally, psychologically, between being on a job and not.

Life on Mars
Guardian Angel (Annie/Caprica Six; PG-13; 202 words; crossover with Battlestar Galactica for bsg_pornbattle)
When she smiles Annie sees strawberries and cream — or maybe blood.
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