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words obsessively scribbled by ninamazing

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ninamazing thought she should have a fanfic journal. So she made one. And it was very, very pretty. It contains all of her writing-related fannish endeavours (!), and you can expect to find Battlestar Galactica, Legend of the Seeker, Doctor Who, Pushing Daisies, Robin Hood, The Office, Veronica Mars, The X-Files, and then whatever else is in Nina's crazy little head.

The rest of her 2004-present fanfiction, including much Firefly and The Lord of the Rings, can be found RIGHT HERE. And yes, she did once write lots Harry Potter and Tamora Pierce fanfiction (among many, many other things), but unless you knew her when she was ten, you're not seeing that.

If you would like to read and comment on her original fiction, thus helping her in her quest for more publisher rejections, you sadly must join the community. She'll be honored to have you.

The fabulous layout she is using was designed by grrliz at thefulcrum.
aaron douglas, abc, adam baldwin, alan tudyk, alessandro juliani, anjali jay, anna friel, annabeth gish, battlestar galactica, bbc, bbc drama, bbc wales, better with two, bill adama, billie piper, billy/dee, bridget regan, bryan fuller, caprica six, chases, chi mcbride, chris carter, christopher eccleston, craig horner, dana scully, darin morgan, david duchovny, david eick, david tennant, doctor who, dominic minghella, edward james olmos, escapes, fanfiction, fencing, fighting, firefly, fox mulder, foz allan, frank spotnitz, freema agyeman, gaius baltar, giants, gillian anderson, gina torres, gordon kennedy, grace park, graeme harper, harry lloyd, helo/athena, james callis, jamie bamber, jane espenson, jenna fischer, jim halpert, jim/pam, joe armstrong, john krasinski, jonas armstrong, joss whedon, julie gardner, kara thrace, kara/sam, katee sackhoff, keith allen, kristen bell, laura roslin, lee pace, legend of the seeker, lucy griffiths, mal/kaylee, mal/river, mary mcdonnell, michael trucco, miracles, monsters, morena baccarin, mulder/scully, nathan fillion, ned/chuck, nine/rose, pam beesly, paul cornell, pushing daisies, revenge, richard armitage, richard/kahlan, rob thomas, robert patrick, robin hood, ron glass, ronald d. moore, roslin/adama, russell t davies, sam troughton, samuel t anders, science fiction, sean maher, serenity, simon/kaylee, steven moffat, summer glau, tahmoh penikett, ten/rose, the office, the x-files, tim minear, torture, tricia helfer, true love, veronica mars, vince gilligan, william beck, writing, zoe/wash